#DesignCapital is a project by: Studiolabo, Patrizio Saccò, Massimiliano Fraticelli & Andrea Cuman


The seven days that make Milan the capital of design
Free streaming from april 11 to 19

The project Design Capital – The seven days that makes Milan the capital of design (running time 52 minutes) is an independent documentary by Studiolabo in collaboration with Andrea Cuman, Massimiliano Fraticelli and Patrizio Saccò, who is also the director of the film.

By re‐experiencing the Fuorisalone 2014 week – the settings, the people, the districts and the parties engaging the whole city – #DesignCapital collects the voices of different influential designers, such as Ron Gilad and Marten Baas, and opinion makers like Wallpaper* and CoolHunting, and explores the reasons why Milan has become the world's design capital.

Multiple perspectives linked to one another by images of the most innovative objects and outstanding installations; these images slowly build up the tale of an “endless city”, in which the urban dimension melts with the design culture.

#DesignCapital has been produced in collaboration with the the Civic School of Cinema and under the patronage of the City Council. Supported by the Milan Design Film Festival, it will be promoted and distributed worldwide.


11 May 2017
Zagreb Design Week
Lauba - Baruna Filipovica 23a, Zagreb

28 September 2016
Italian Cultural Institute, Sydney
125 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

14 October 2016
Embassy of Italy, Wellington
34-38 Grant Road, Thorndon, Wellington 6011, Nuova Zelanda

18, 19, 20 December 2015
Museo della Città, Ala moderna - Rimini

28 September 2015
Bologna design week
Campogrande concept - Via Castiglione, 7

24 September 2015
Media & The City Ecrea TWG Conference,

14 June 2015
DMY2015 - Kraftwerk Berlin GmbH,
Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin

12 June 2015
DMY2015 - Kraftwerk Berlin GmbH,
Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin

19 April 2015
Milan Design Award - Teatro Franco Parenti,
Via Pier Lombardo, 14, 20135 Milan

10 April 2015

10 April 2015
Cinema ANTEO
Via Milazzo 4, 20121 Milan


Production: Studiolabo
In collaboration with
"Civica Scuola di Cinema"
Patronage: Comune di Milano

Direction: Patrizio Saccò
Music and Audio: Massimiliano Fraticelli
Shooting: Patrizio Saccò, Timon De Graaf, Simone Saponieri, Michele Vairo, Luigi Schiavoni, Amin Wahidi
Timelapse: Alessandro Muesian
Contributions: Interni Mondadori, Elita, Cosmit
Editing: Claudio Bonafede
Screenplay and research: Cristian Confalonieri, Andrea Cuman
Grafics: Andrea Venegoni, Matteo D’Amanzo, Davide Fois
Website: Salvatore Rizzello

Guest speakers

Nicola Vitiello
Radio Deejay

Cristian Confalonieri

Aldo Bonomi
Consorzio AASTER

Ron Gilad

Marco Sammicheli
Design Curator

Silvia Robertazzi
Milano Design Film Festival

Alioscia Bisceglia
Casino Royale - Elita

Tony Chambers

Claudio Luti
Cosmit - Kartell

Giulio Cappellini

Andrea Cuman
Università Cattolica

Laura Traldi
D La Repubblica

Gisella Borioli
Superstudio Group

Luca Fois
Scuola di Design Politecnico di Milano

Graham Hiemstra

Mariantonia Menada
Milano Space Makers

Paolo Casati

Margo Konings
Organisation in Design

Margriet Vollenberg
Organisation in Design

Marten Baas
Designer, Baas & Den Herder

Paolo Ferrarini
Future Concept Lab

Ambra Medda

Giulio Iacchetti

Deborah Spencer

Dino Lupelli

Alberto Dell’Acqua
Università Bocconi

Emanuele Vitrano
Carlyle Brera Hotels

An indipendent

#DesignCapital is an indipendent producion by Studiolabo, Patrizio Saccò, Massimiliano Fraricelli & Andrea Cuman.


Studiolabo is a Milanese company that has been operating in communication and concept design since 2003.
One of the main aims is to operate in the field of company communication, supply consultancy services, design and graphic execution of the different promotion media and production of artistic, cultural and private events.
Another strength of our structure is linked to the web world, the development of multi-media applications for mobile devices (iOS and Android) through to geolocalisation systems.
The awareness of the world of design and experience in the production of tools (like web sites, apps, graphics, etc.) have enabled Studiolabo to design and develop strategies and create ad hoc solutions for clients.
Studiolabo tends to develop networks with professionals of other sectors to share skills and resources, thus extending the network of contacts and experience.

Patrizio Saccò

Patrizio Saccò was born in Fidenza (Parma) on 6 August 1975.
He has a degree in Entertainment Disciplines from the Faculty of Art and Philosophy, Bologna, obtained after the professional diploma from the Municipal School of Cinema, Television and New Media of Milan.
He works as director of photography in the commercial and cinema spheres.
He has written educational texts, and works with cinema school as teacher and tutor.
For some years, he has mainly been working on the creation of documentaries.

Massimiliano Fraticelli

Producer for audio/video projects.
Composer and arranger of music for commercials and TV shows, documentaries.
Vast experience as recording artist in international label, author, and musician for live events.
Since 2005 producer of video content.
Massimiliano Fraticelli on LinkedIn
Massimiliano Fraticelli on Soundcolud

Andrea Cuman

Born in Milan on the 28th of March 1982.
PhD in sociology of cultural processes at Università Cattolica di Milano, he wrote his thesis about FuoriSalone and the mediated experience of urban space (title: "Media spaces, urban events and mobile experience: an ethnographic enquiry into the social production of the city of design").
Researcher at OssCom, Research Centre on Media and Communication of the same university, he conducts theoretical and applied research on creative industries, digital media and more recently on the hybridisation between communication technologies and urban spaces. He teaches at various master courses at Università Cattolica di Milano and other universities and is tutor at UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati). Amongst others, he also worked for Triennale di Milano and Edizioni Zero.
Andrea Cuman on LinkedIn
Research center



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